What type of ride are you looking for?

MX2 Sand Cars

Our sand car (sand rail) builds are, lightweight but powerful! Choose from a custom built sand-rail, dual sport package, or even make it street legal with our road package!


MX2 Off Road

An off-road car will be facing rough terrain such as dirt and rock, therefore needs to be built with bigger and stronger components that can take more abuse.  Click here to see more!


MX2 Dual Sport

The Dual Sport package is a great upgrade for those who spend a lot of time in the sand but want the added strength for an occasional off-road excursion.



Mod Race kart

We take off-road child's play to a whole new level by combining safety, performance and affordability into a complete race-tuned vehicle for even the youngest race-enthusiast.

Custom Services

Anything you need, we can build. Custom welding, specialty features to make your ride that much more impactful, you name it! Click below to find out what we can do for you!

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